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Tosca, S. 69 (Recorded Live 1961) - Crespin, Di Stefano

Item# 801439903111

Tosca, S. 69 (Recorded Live 1961) - Crespin, Di Stefano
Artists:    Regina Crespin, Guiseppe Di Stefano
Release Date:    2016-Apr-08

Famous for her Wagner recordings as Tosca, Regine Crespin is featured on this historical recording. This recording was taken on May 18, 1961 at the Covent Garden London. Along with the Wagner diva, the Orchestra and Chorus of the Royal Opera House performs here, conducted by Edward Downes.

Puccini’s melodrama about a volatile diva, a sadistic police chief, and an idealistic artist has offended and thrilled audiences for more than a century. Critics, for their part, have often had problems with Tosca’s rather grungy subject matter, the directness and intensity of its score, and the crowd-pleasing dramatic opportunities it provides for its lead roles. But these same aspects have made Tosca one of a handful of iconic works that seem to represent opera in the public imagination.
Premiere: Teatro Costanzi, Rome, 1900.

Giacomo Puccini (1858–1924)

No opera is more tied to its setting than Tosca, which takes place in Rome on the morning of June 17, 1800, through dawn the following day. The specified settings for each of the three acts—the Church of Sant’Andrea della Valle, Palazzo Farnese, and Castel Sant’Angelo—are familiar monuments in the city and can still be visited today.


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