Much Ado About Nothings: Shakespearean Sticky Notes

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Much Ado About Nothings: Shakespearean Sticky Notes

When you`ve written 38 plays and 154 sonnets, you have to be really organized. Most people praise William Shakespeare for his use of language, plot, and character -- but we`re totally blown away by his ability to keep track of everything. Hundreds of characters... hundreds of locations... and enough plot twists and turns to make a lesser writer dizzy. But The Bard stayed on top of things, and you can too, with these Much Ado About Nothings Sticky Notes. They come in a handsome 3 1/4` x 4 1/4` booklet that features William Shakespeare himself on the cover. Inside you will find hundreds of sticky notes in varying shapes, sizes and colors.

  • Multi-color
  • Varying size sticky notes
  • Booklet dimensions: 3 1/4` W x 4 1/4` H

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The sticky note in much ado about nothings

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Bud, July 2020
Familiarity: Less than 1 month Age Range: 55-64

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