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Wagner’s Dream (DVD)

Item# 10055654

Opera’s most monumental challenge is certainly Richard Wagner’s Ring cycle: For more than a century, the ideal production of this four part, 16-hour opera has stymied directors, including Wagner himself. His cosmic vision of gods and mortals vying for power and destroyed by greed calls for astonishing stage visuals and action that takes place both underwater and in the heavens.

Six years ago, visionary theater and film director Robert Lepage was invited by the Metropolitan Opera to take on the technical and aesthetic challenges of the Ring cycle, and Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Susan Froemke followed him on his quest.

Wagner’s Dream examines Lepage’s artistic process, as well as the production team’s battles with the most ambitious staging in Met history, featuring a 90,000 pound computerized set known as “The Machine.” In this spectacular film that itself takes on all the drama of an opera, Froemke offers an intimate look at the challenges and risks of live theater as well as the tremendous creativity and unflagging determination behind this daring attempt to realize Wagner’s dream of a perfect Ring.

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New York, NY
September 2012

A fascinating look behind the scenes

Age Range: 26-34
Gender: male
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The Lepage Ring Cycle at the Met has certainly had its fair share of flack for malfunctioning, making disruptive noises during performance, and of course having a hefty price tag. Performances aside, this in depth behind-the-scenes look at one of the most highly publicized productions in operatic history is fascinating from start to finish. I had the pleasure of watching this DVD the other day, and I have to say that from tech rehearsals to press conferences, coachings and rehearsals, this DVD gives you a sneak peek at everything you may have wondered about in the mounting of this production. Regardless of whether you are a fan of this production or not, I highly recommend this DVD!

New York
September 2012

A masterpiece

Age Range: 35-44
Gender: female

This documentary is a must see as it is one of the highest achievements of our century in operatic and performing arts. It reveals the titanic work and a creative genius, which raises opera at a new level. Whether you like opera or not this breathtaking journey will give you a glimpse on how this art evolved over the centuries. Good for all ages, educational and inspiring.

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