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Wagner Without Fear by William Berger (Paperback)

Item# 1000001836

Wagner without Fear
Learning to Love - and Even Enjoy - Opera's Most Demanding Genius

In this indispensable book, William Berger navigates the strange and beautiful world of one of the most controversial artists who ever lived. Learn all you need to know to become a true Wagnerite - from story lines to historical background - from when to visit the rest room during a performance to how to sound smart during intermission.

Funny, informative, and a pleasure to read, Wagner Without Fear proves that the art of Wagner can be accessible to everyone.

About the Author:
William Berger is the author of Puccini Without Excuses and Verdi With a Vengeance: An Energetic Guide to the Life and Complete Works of the King of Opera. He is a frequent lecturer and radio commentator and is often a co-host during live Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts on Sirius.


  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • 464 pages

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