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Violetta Opera Bear

Item# 1000006258

A wonderful way to introduce children to opera, this ursine Violetta sings “Sempre Libera” (“Always Free”) from Verdi’s beloved La Traviata. Approximately 18 inches tall, she comes decked out in a glamorous white sequined ensemble. As she sings (accompanied by a full orchestra!), Violetta sways her head to the music and moves her mouth moves along with the words. Comes with its own stand and batteries are included.

See a video of the bear performing here.

La Traviata (“The Fallen Woman”) premiered at Venice’s Teatro La Fenice in 1853. It is one of Verdi’s most popular works, and the role of its heroine, the courtesan Violetta, is known as one of the most challenging in the soprano repertory.  One of the signatures of the work is its melodic waltz tunes which evoke the Parisian high life and add an intense, yet beautiful, melancholy as Violetta’s time begins to run out.

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