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Twinkle Tunes Piano Book

Item# 10062916

Twinkle Tunes Piano Book

Made for little hands, this red piano with a classic black and white keyboard is an instrument and beautifully illustrated book in one. Battery-powered and portable, it features a 1-octave (8-note) keyboard that electronically produces lovely piano sounds, along with a beautifully illustrated songbook containing a collection of 12 familiar tunes.

Designed to be durable and fun, it also develops creativity and introduces young minds to the world of music.

  • Dimensions: 11” x 7” x 3”
  • Includes: Battery
  • Age 3+


Music Notes

Most Western music is based on a system of notation that evolved around 1600 out of earlier practices. The starting point for any opera is the full score, which contains all individual voices and instruments arranged in a specific order on the page. The written music—representing the sounds a composer creates in his head—then comes to life performed by singers onstage and played by the orchestra.



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