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Strauss Lieder – Jonas Kaufmann (CD)

Item# 10041778

Strauss Lieder – Jonas Kaufmann (CD)

Composer:  Richard Strauss
Release Date:  August 8, 2006
Jonas Kaufmann
Helmut Deutsch (Piano)
Label:  Harmonia Mundi Fr.

“These works offer not only a variety of intriguing settings of poetry, but are also a fascinating for the way the composer allows vocal timbres to shape the content. In this selection of Lieder from various periods in Strauss’s life, the tenor Jonas Kaufmann and the pianist Helmut Deutsch include some familiar pieces, as well as music that may be less well known... Kaufmann’s rich tenor voice is particularly effective in this repertoire.” – Opera Today

“Stupendous is the only word to describe it. This is sexy, passionate singing, delivered with thrilling ease.” – The Guardian

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