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Pierre Boulez conducts Schoenberg (11 CD)

Item# 887654295729

Pierre Boulez conducts Schoenberg (11 CD)
Composer: Arnold Schoenberg
Release Date: January 1, 2014
Conductor: Pierre Boulez
Label: Sony

This impressive collection of many of Schoenberg’s best and influential compositions includes his chamber, orchestral, and vocal works, with Pierre Boulez leading the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Ensemble Intercontemporain (EI). Some hard to find works are included: Die glückliche Hand and Die Jakobsleiter, the Second Chamber Symphony, and various choral works.

Album Summary:
Die glückliche Hand, Op. 18
Variations for Orchestra, Op. 31
Verklärte Nacht for String Orchestra, Op. 4
Die Jakobsleiter
Chamber Symphony no 1 in E major, Op. 9
Incidental Music to a Motion Picture Scene, Op. 34
Friede auf Erden, Op. 13
Kol nidre, Op. 39
Folksongs (3) for Chorus, Op. 49
Pieces (4) for Chorus, Op. 27
Satires (3) for Chorus, Op. 28
Pieces (6) for Mens Chorus, Op. 35
Dreimal tausend Jahre, Op. 50a
De profundis, Op. 50b
Modern Psalm, Op. 50c
A Survivor from Warsaw, Op. 46
Canons (2) for Chorus
German Folksongs (3) for Chorus
Orchestral Songs (4), Op. 22
Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21
Gurrelieder: Lied der Waldtaube
Erwartung, Op. 17
Suite, Op. 29
Pieces (3) for Chamber Orchestra
Verklärte Nacht for String Sextet, Op. 4
Moses und Aron
Chamber Symphony no 2, Op. 38
Serenade, Op. 24
Pieces (5) for Orchestra, Op. 16
Ode to Napoleon, Op. 41

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