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Lulu (DVD) - Schäfer, Harries, Schöne

Item# 1000002220

Lulu (DVD)
Composer: Alban Berg
Release Date: 2004
Conductor: Andrew Davis

Christine Schäfer
Kathryn Harries
Wolfgang Schöne

Orchestra: London Philharmonic
Label: Kultur

Region: Region 1, NTSC, Formatted only for North America

Alban Berg's Lulu

One of the most important—not to mention notorious—stage works of the 20th century, Lulu (1935) is the drama of a young woman who sexually and emotionally dominates a wide range of willing victims, both male and female. Herself a victim of society, she seems to embody all the frightening aspects of the human condition, a combination of primal instinct and distinctly modern amorality. Berg’s score employs the twelve-tone technique pioneered by his teacher Arnold Schoenberg but in a keenly dramatic way that makes it accessible to all kinds of audiences. Berg died before completing Act III of the opera, and Lulu was first performed as a fragment. Efforts to finish the score based on Berg’s notes were hindered by his widow and only realized, after her death, by the Austrian composer Friedrich Cerha, in 1977.

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