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Liszt: The Complete Songs Vol.1 – Matthew Polenzani (CD)

Item# 1000006505

Liszt: The Complete Songs Vol.1 – Matthew Polenzani (CD)

Composer:  Franz Liszt
Release Date:  November 9.2010
Matthew Polenzani
Julius Drake (Piano)
Label:  Hyperion

“Polenzani is evidently a tenor of the finest quality: a lyric voice, sweet and ingratiating, with the capacity to ring out excitingly, gloriously easy on high but with a perfectly adequate body to the tone in its middle and lower registers. He is firm and even, pleasingly expressive … He sings with warmth, intelligence and conviction, matching the superb playing of his pianist Julius Drake.” – Gramophone

“Polenzani remains an extraordinarily communicative Lieder singer possessed of an agile and flexible voice of tremendous versatility. In the most intimate of these settings, as well as in the quasi-operatic ones, Polenzani and Drake create performances that are at once thoughtful, richly atmospheric and never less than compelling…” – International Record Review

1. Kling leise, mein Lied, S301 First version
2. In Liebeslust, S318
3. Wie singt die Lerche schön, S312 Second version
4. Die stille Wasserrose, S321
5. Lieder aus Schillers Wilhelm Tell, S292 First version
6. Der Glückliche, S334
7. Angiolin dal biondo crin, S269 Third version
8. Tre Sonetti di Petrarca, S270 First version
9. Bist du, S277 Second version
10. Es rauschen die Winde, S294 First version
11. Schwebe, schwebe, blaues Auge, S305 Second version
12. Im Rhein, im schönen Strome, S272 First version ossia

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