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King Knight Reversible Cape

Item# 10062307

King Knight Reversible Cape

With a flip in the air, this reversible cape, fabricated of metallic knit chainmail on one side transforms a dashing knight into a regal king draped in soft, blue velour. A silver fleur–de–lis on the back, serves as his majesty’s royal crest.

Capes cloak magic, make mystery and create wonder like the many costumes seen in productions at the Metropolitan Opera.

Encourages imagination and creativity.

Ages 4+

Anna Bolena premiered at Milan’s Teatro Carcano in 1830, and was Donizetti’s first great international success. David McVicar, who created the Met’s new production of Anna Bolena, says of the work: “Donizetti takes the bel canto form and explores every possible dramatic opportunity within it. The lynchpin of the story is Anna Bolena’s inability to provide Henry VIII with the male heir that he craves. And, of course, to be a wife of Henry VII is to risk as much as you gain.”

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