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Jamstik+ The SmartGuitar

Item# 10065851

Jamstik+ The SmartGuitar
Portable Digital Guitar for iPad
Series: ZIVIX
Manufacturer: Zivix
Format: General Merchandise
The jamstik is a portable digital guitar that connects to your favorite Apple device. It uses light to scan your fingers as you play with real strings on real frets. Features include:

• Convenient and Portable: Play and learn wherever you are, when your schedule allows, and at your pace.

• Affordable: The jamstik is a guitar and lessons in one. The free jamTutor app is all you need to start playing in minutes.

• Authentic: Real strings and real frets.

• Easy to start: The jamstik is so easy to use, you'll be playing within minutes out of the box.

• Learn Quickly: You decide how much, how fast. The interactive learning platform and instant feedback keeps learners of all ages engaged.

• Wireless: Connects to your smart phone, tablet, Mac or PC via Wifi.

• Extensible: Compatible with hundreds of music apps.

• Versatile: The jamstik can sound like a piano, drums, harp, even a sitar, and many more.

• Fast: Very low latency MIDI connectivity.

Music Notes

Most Western music is based on a system of notation that evolved around 1600 out of earlier practices. The starting point for any opera is the full score, which contains all individual voices and instruments arranged in a specific order on the page. The written music—representing the sounds a composer creates in his head—then comes to life performed by singers onstage and played by the orchestra.



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