Diva Mug

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Playful as well as refined, this beautiful porcelain mug is the perfect gift for the diva in your life. Each 12-ounce mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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My Favorite Mug

I dont qualify as a DIVA in any sense of the word but this is truly one of my favorite mugs. Ive had it for a year or so and its still as good as new. I keep buying it again and again for all the Divas in my life.

Holly, November 2012
Familiarity: Age Range: 26-34
Beautiful and well designed

I prefer this Met mug to almost all others not only for its lovely design but also for its functionality: the wide top allows me to fully enjoy the aroma of my tea or coffee as I drink it. This experience isn't always possible with many mugs. It's also an elegant gift for a friend. The giftee is always delighted.

Maggie, April 2016
Familiarity: More than 2 years Age Range: 65 and up

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