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Diary of a Redneck Opera Zinger (Paperback)

Item# 9780615793870

Diary of a Redneck Opera Zinger (Paperback)
By Jay Hunter Morris

These are the incredibly funny memoirs of Grammy-winning tenor Jay Hunter Morris, Metropolitan Opera’s Siegfried in Wagner’s Ring. He was propelled to international acclaim in 2011, when as understudy he was called to substitute for a sick colleague on short notice, and sang the role in front of a Met Live in HD worldwide audience

This book will not only make you laugh, but also give you a peak into the joys and hardships of being an opera ‘zinger’. Not only a gifted singer, in these memoirs he also showcases a talent for self-deprecating humor (along with entertaining spelling and grammar idiosyncrasies to add a Texan tone).

As Jay Hunter Morris writes:
“Disclaimer: Well, here's my book! I like to think it's equal parts auto-bio, inspiration, and unrepentant potty humor. WARNING, if you're sensitive and precious, you probably won't be amused. Turn back. But if on some rainy afternoon you find yourself in need of a few giggles, I hope you'll find some here.”

  • Paperback:  140 pages
  • Publisher: Opera Lively Press (April 1, 2013)
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 0.3 inches
4.0/5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.

Average of 1 customer reviews:

Boston, MA
May 2013

Silly and fun!

It's pretty rare to read such a frank and goofy biography from a professional opera singer, but that's what makes this book so enjoyable! Jay Hunter Morris is a fantastic singer and has written a very fun and breezy look into his world!

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