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Concerto Parchment Yellow Tie

Item# 10062098

Concerto Parchment Yellow Tie

Whimsical yet sophisticated enough for business attire, this unique men’s tie depicts charming illustrations of various musical instruments –violin, saxophone, harp, trumpet and tuba – against a parchment colored score. A superb addition to any man’s wardrobe, it is an ideal gift for all aficionados of great music like that performed year round at the Met.


  • Material: silk twill
  • Dimensions: 3.25' x 58.0'
  • Color: parchment

Music Notes

Most Western music is based on a system of notation that evolved around 1600 out of earlier practices. The starting point for any opera is the full score, which contains all individual voices and instruments arranged in a specific order on the page. The written music—representing the sounds a composer creates in his head—then comes to life performed by singers onstage and played by the orchestra.



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