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Butterfly Fairy Costume

Item# 10063729

Butterfly Fairy Costume

Fairies have magical abilities and beauty.  This beautiful dress, wings, and wand set will transform all fairies “in training” to a wonderful land of fantasy and imagination. A ruched satin top provides comfort and sizing flexibility. The glimmery skirt features many sparkly petals adorned with iridescent butterflies. 4-pc glittery wings are comfortably worn as the elasticized straps are lined with satin.  Finally a matching butterfly wand to work the magic! 

  • The dress is machine washable.

Met Costumes

All costumes and jewelry seen at the Met are unique works of art. The company puts on an average of 25 operas every year, with as many as 200 individual costumes featured in each of them, and works with some of world’s greatest costume designers to create unique pieces for an average of six or seven new productions per season. Everything is handmade in the Met’s own workshops, and many costumes and jewelry items from past productions, all the way back to the 1880s, are preserved in the Met Archives.



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