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Aida (3 CD)
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Release Date: 08/04/2009
Conductor: James Levine

Aprile Millo
Plàcido Domingo
Dolora Zajic
James Morris
Samuel Ramey

Orchestra: Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Ensemble: Metropolitan Opera Chorus  
Label: Sony Classical


Set against the epic backdrop of ancient Egypt, Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida (1871) is an intimate love story about one man and two women who get caught between their personal feelings and the fate of their nations. The great Triumphal Scene at the center of Act II ranks among opera’s most celebrated moments.

2 Reviews

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Millo is a superb AIDA

How do you leave the name of the Aida out. Really wonderful recording. Highly recommend as Alan Blythe did fro the Gramaphone Magazine review when it came out, this acclaimed critic said to buy this CD stating, Millo's Aida was the most urgent reason to buy the disc."

Giancarlo, March 2014
Familiarity: More than 2 years Age Range: 26-34
Don't forget the Aida, please!

This is a beautiful recording. I've been familiar with it for a long time. However, when I saw it mentioned on Facebook that the Aida's name (Aprile Millo, BTW) was omitted, I felt I should say something. Millo is a very fine American soprano, and this recording might sell more copies if the listing showed who is singing the title character. Can Ms. Millo's name please be put on the listing for this recording? Thank you!

Redd, November 2015
Familiarity: Age Range: 55-64

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