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Wagner in der Schweiz by Antoine Wagner

Item# 10058956

Wagner in der Schweiz by Antoine Wagner

When Wagner fled to Switzerland in 1848, he traveled in the Swiss Alps, using the beautiful scenery as inspiration for his operatic masterpieces. Now in honor of his bicentennial, his great-great-grandson, Antoine Wagner, retraces his steps through Switzerland in this new book.

Like his world-famous ancestor, the young photographer and filmmaker sees nature as a powerful source of creativity. As Wagner says in his introduction, “this series of photographs unveils a vision of a ‘Common Denominator’ for all human beings.” They capture the beauty of Switzerland and reflect nature’s power to inspire all of us.

“If my intuition is right and my interpretation is shared, may this modest homage to the man, who went the same way long before, be this follower’s salute to the visionary, so far from me and yet so close, whom we celebrate specifically this year, and let us catch a glimpse of the core of our existence!” –Antoine Wagner

Languages: English, French and German text.


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