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Red Hot + Bach (CD)

Item# 888430293328

Red Hot + Bach (CD)
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Release Date: June 17, 2014
Chris Thile
Gabriel Kahane
Ron Carter
King Britt
Kronos Quartet
Label: Sony Masterworks

Red Hot + Bach presents the music of Johann Sebastian Bach in a fresh and contemporary way, with contemporary  artists and DJs from around the world transforming Bach’s masterpieces. Artists include mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile, singer/songwriters Gabriel Kahane and Shara Worden, jazz legend Ron Carter, DJ/producer King Britt and the Icelandic band amiina, Kronos Quartet, composer Max Richter, and violinist Daniel Hope.

Track Listings:

1. Minuet
2. Minim
3. Jardim do Amor
4. Time Drinks Three Shots (from You Us We All)
5. Number Man
6. The Watchmaker
7. Very Own
8. Minim (Version)
9. Passacaglia
10. Contrapunctus I
11. Arioso
12. Air
13. Cello Suite No. 1
14. Ave Maria
15. LudePre (Version)
16. Contrapunctus II (Version)
17. Contrapunctus II
18. Concerto No. 5
19. Dear Goldberg

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