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Music Workbench for Children

Item# 10058374

Music Workbench for Children

Your musical child will enjoy hours of fun with this engaging workbench. Pull out the xylophone to play a pleasant scale of notes, or pound the balls to send them tinkling over the xylophone. Your budding musician will have great fun exploring rhythm and melodies, while learning motor skills and dexterity.

  • For ages 12+ months
  • Size: 11.4” L x 5.5” W x 5.9” H
  • Main materials: Wood, water-based paint
  • Meets ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) safety and quality standards
  • Was voted by Parenting Magazine as one of the Best Toys of the Year (2011)




Music Notes

Most Western music is based on a system of notation that evolved around 1600 out of earlier practices. The starting point for any opera is the full score, which contains all individual voices and instruments arranged in a specific order on the page. The written music—representing the sounds a composer creates in his head—then comes to life performed by singers onstage and played by the orchestra.



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