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Corelli: A Man, A Voice by Marina Boagno

Item# 1000005491

Corelli: A Man, A Voice by Marina Boagno
(Second edition, revised and expanded)

This book has been re-written and expanded since Corelli’s death. Unrivalled in his time as Caruso was before him, yet unlike his great predecessor, Corelli lived an ascetic life away from the theatre, pushing himself relentlessly to gain complete mastery of his voice and reaching new frontiers of technical virtuosity.  Boagno clears up the mysteries and misunderstandings that arose throughout Corelli’s career, revealing much about the man along the way.

“He was fantastic, because in every note that he sang one heard passion and suffering, which are the same thing, because passion is full of suffering… I wish you could have seen Corelli just once on stage. When they say class, that was class. When they say voice, that was a voice.” – Grace Bumbry

About the Author:
 Marina Boagno is a graduate of Genoa University in political science and history, as well as a triple laureate in language, literature, and poetry. She has written and published a biography of Ettore Bastianini (Azzali), several novels, and is an English translator for Mondadori.

  • Hardcover book plus CD
  • Publisher: Baskerville Publishers; 2nd edition
  • Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 9.6 inches

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